#ShoutYourMurder campaign calls on serial killers to stand up for the right to end human life

The time has come for psychopaths to reclaim the conversation on murder. The pro-life movement has had a monopoly on life for long enough. In spirit of death, I call upon my fellow psychopaths to shout your murder!

Your humble writer can’t take credit for this idea. The hashtag #ShoutYourMurder was started on Twitter over the weekend after the Supreme Court outlawed murder in the United States. Michael Myers, Walter White and Charles Manson said they began the campaign in order to break the taboo of cold-blooded murder.

#ShoutYourMurder campaign spreads like wildfire on Twitter

White shared his murder story on Facebook along with the hashtag. Since then, thousands of psychopaths around the world have detailed their experience.

“I committed a murder last year and it was a great experience,” White told sources. “Not only am I not ashamed, but I’ve realized how incredibly fortunate I was to have the choice to murder someone, and we need to keep it that way.”

Myers, who doesn’t speak much, even opened up about his murders  on social media.

Plenty of people still believe on some level, if you are a good serial killer, that murder is a choice which should be accompanied by some level of sadness, shame or regret. But you know what? I have a good heart, and murdering someone made me happy in a totally unqualified way.

In an ironic turn of the events, all tweets made by the #ShoutYourMurder campaign were tracked by law enforcement agencies. Serial killers who touted their murders on Twitter have since been arrested.

Psychopaths in favor of murder before the pro-choice movement

Psychopaths have always been ahead of the curve when it comes to murder. They peddled arguments in favor of murder well before the pro-choice movement forced itself on the map. For example, serial killers long recognized that a person only has a right to life if they can live outside the womb with minimum external support. Since half the U.S. population relies on the government for support, those people ought to be free game for psychopaths.

In addition, psychopaths have realized that outlawing murder does not actually prevent murder. Rather, it merely pushes the practice underground, making murder seem shadier than it really is. In reality, murder has been with men for centuries (just ask Cane and Abel). Prohibiting murder won’t suppress this primitive instinct — it will merely exacerbate it.

Furthermore, pushing murder underground allows hit men to charge an absurd amount of money for murder. If murder were legal, penalty charges could be placed on hit men who fail to get the job done.

Arguments against murder are hogwash

An argument against murder is that it goes against the most basic right an individual can have — the right to life. Yet this argument is completely one-sided, since it’s only made by people who are alive. Dead people couldn’t care less about the right to life. And by last count, the number of dead people far exceeded the number living people.

Speaking of fundamental rights, the most basic right a psychopath can have is the right to kill. Forcing a psychopath not to murder causes further psychological damage to the killer, and if there is one thing we can all agree on, it’s that the psyche of an ax murderer is screwed up enough.

The most common argument against murder is that human beings, even in the womb, are capable of feeling pain. Since gratuitous suffering is an intrinsic evil, and murder promotes gratuitous suffering, we ought not to murder people.

This is complete nonsense. Human beings are physical creatures made up of non-sentient clumps of cells, and non-sentient clumps of cells don’t feel pain. As an outspoken psychopath, I can attest to having no inner feelings whatsoever.

Their is no sign that the Supreme Court plans to uplift its prohibition on murder anytime soon. In the meantime, psychopaths will simply have to live with it.

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