Politically correct infant formula announced with extra transgender hormones to help parents change their children’s gender before puberty

Thanks to our national transgender hero Caitlyn Jenner, transgenderism is rapidly becoming mainstream. Gender-bending has become cooler than David Bowie, especially among the kids nowadays. For young people, being transgender is about as controversial as being left handed, to paraphrase the arch-conservative pundit George Will.

As with any new trend, a trendmonger can’t be far behind. And what, might you ask, is a trendmonger? Well, a trendmonger is a business that jumps on a trend and spreads it throughout the land, using all the skills that pseudoscientific marketing departments have made available.

A current example of transgender trendmongering involves a seemingly unlikely product: baby formula. But first, some history is in order.

Several years ago, under the pressure of popular opinion, baby formula manufacturers quit selling formula in cans lined with BPA (chemical name Bisphenol-A), which leeches into the formula. And that’s not good — unless you want your baby boy to become more like a girl.

As described by NaturalNews.com, BPA is “a powerful hormone disruptor that’s responsible for ‘feminizing’ males, spurring the growth of so-called ‘man boobs’ and reducing sperm viability.” According to the same publication, “University of Missouri researchers have evidence that BPA causes male deer mice to lose their masculinity and behave more like females. In fact, female mice sense something isn’t quite ‘right’ about BPA exposed males and don’t want to mate with them. The female deer mice also were turned off by potential mates who had been exposed to BPA.”

That’s where the Big Pharma trendmongers at Abbott Laboratories come in. A company spokesperson, H.G. Milstead,  just announced that they will be packaging its famous Similac brand in a special line of BPA “throwback” cans under the brand name “Similac Sissy,” for discerning parents of baby boys who want their babies to turn into girls. And to help turn baby girls into boys, the “Similac Butch” brand will contain formula supplemented with just the right mix of  masculine hormones. That way, long before baby Timmy reaches puberty, the chances are good that he’ll self-identify as Tammy — and vice-versa.




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