01/04/2017 / By newsparody

SAN FRANCISCO—Having already been downloaded millions of times by consumers eager to get in on the phenomenon, an exciting new

12/08/2016 / By newsparody

CHICAGO—Promising that every effort would be made to limit the impact on residents’ day-to-day lives, Chicago officials announced Wednesday that

11/28/2016 / By newsparody
Margaret Thatcher

A confidential cabinet memo released by Deloitte today sensationally claims that the first reanimation of a cryogenically-frozen human has already

11/17/2016 / By newsparody

Under the hashtag ‘StopFundingHate’ the Danish firm have ceased collaboration with Republicans, The Daily Mail and James Corden’s agent. Citing

11/15/2016 / By newsparody

DENVER—Growing increasingly unsettled at the president-elect’s choice of advisors and the prospect of life under a Donald Trump administration, local

11/03/2016 / By newsparody

WASHINGTON—Saying they felt anxious and overwhelmed just days before heading to the polls to decide a historically fraught presidential race,

11/02/2016 / By newsparody

WALDPORT, OR—A team of anthropologists announced Friday it had discovered an isolated tribe of blissful Americans who have never been

11/01/2016 / By newsparody

Incidents of “bake shaming” have increased by 600% since Wednesday evening’s Bake Off final, say police. Article by Dominic MCG Bake

10/31/2016 / By newsparody

BROOKLYN, NY—In response to the FBI’s announcement that its investigation of him had produced new evidence that could pertain to

10/27/2016 / By newsparody

Fighting intensified around the occupied city, as Iraqi and Kurdish fighters attempted to bring selective education to this Islamic State

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