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11/01/2016 / By newsparody

Incidents of “bake shaming” have increased by 600% since Wednesday evening’s Bake Off final, say police. Article by Dominic MCG Bake

10/27/2016 / By Mary Wilder

In their attempt at turning the country into a group of scared, politically correct sheep, the Regressive Left refuses to

09/12/2016 / By newsparody

MENLO PARK, CA—Assuring users that the company’s entire team of engineers was working hard to make sure a glitch like

12/08/2015 / By Kevin Sanders

According to Webster’s, a crybully is a crybaby who is also an intolerant, racist bully. Well, the University of Missouri

11/18/2015 / By Norman Smith

Caitlyn Jenner, immediately after being named honorary Woman Of The Year by Glamour magazine, proclaimed that she is also an

11/17/2015 / By Kevin Sanders

The University of Missouri (aka Mizzou) has been rocked by a serious outbreak of paranoid hysteria recently, with the campus

11/11/2015 / By Norman Smith

Dr. Carlos Walter, a veterinarian from Contra Costa County in Northern California, is the first DVM in the country to

11/06/2015 / By Norman Smith

Thanks to our national transgender hero Caitlyn Jenner, transgenderism is rapidly becoming mainstream. Gender-bending has become cooler than David Bowie, especially

10/15/2015 / By Norman Smith

It’s difficult to imagine in today’s sinful liberal society, but when Hugh “Hef” Hefner began publishing Playboy in 1953, you could

09/30/2015 / By Norman Smith

The mendacious TV news anchor Brian Williams is back on the airwaves after a brutal six-month suspension, just in time

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